“Dance Your Dream” Event held by Hakuna Matata

HAKUNA MATATA held an event with the theme about DREAM. Indeed, Dream has important role in our life to make us success. HAKUNA MATATA invited Rangga Umara, The Young Billionaire Entrepreneur, Owner of Pecel Lela to speak in our event “DANCE YOUR DREAM”. With his success, he admitted, he’s got all the success with BIG DREAM. Also we invited Ale Soul, The Winner of Indonesia Mencari Bakat 2 (Indonesia’s got talent) to share about his dreams and performed his talent in this event. This event is held at Aud. Atmajaya on 23rd of Oct’11.

We thank you to all audiences who have come and participated in this event, and we hope this event brought a lot of inspiration to you all.

We also thank to our sponsors for their support in our event :
MotivasiLoeApa Tshirt, Majalah Concept, Karya Bersama Abadi, Gramedia, XL, Pecel Lela, STIE Rawamangun, Radio Mercu Buana, HEJ Management S1 Mercu Buana.